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Diabetes? No Thanks!

Diabetes? No Thanks!

Ref: LO003

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Diabetes? No Thanks - The Scandinavian Diet that alleviates diabetes, by Lars-Erik Litsfeldt, published by Little Moon. Eat your way back to health! Follow the author's advice to control diabetes Type 2 symptoms through diet alone. This book contains masses of information, advice, the science behind nutrition, how the Scandinavian diet works, case studies and recipes. LOW PRICE - was 13.99 or more elsewhere.

The author was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 43, and soon after suffered a heart attack. He was officially advised to continue eating carbohydrates and to take medication. He decided to do his own research into low carbohydrate diets and started following the Scandinavian Diet. He now finds, several years later, that he has shed his excess weight, improved his general health considerably, and no longer needs medication for diabetes or for any other medical complaint.

The diabetes epidemic: In the UK, one in 10 people have pre-diabetes and 1 in 20 are diabetic (source Diabetes UK, the Lancet and IDF).

Pharmaceutical firms are making money, obviously, from the sale of drugs to control diabetes and the symptoms thereof. By following The Scandinavian Diet you could become symptom-free without medication.

The owner of Avidlite has been following a low carbohydrate diet since 2003 to avoid the onset of Type 2 diabetes, having previously had gestational diabetes and been told that she would become full-time diabetic. So far, eight years on and aged 62, there is no sign of the onset of diabetes, cholesterol levels have dropped, and her general health is excellent and with no medication of any kind. Avidlite's mission is to reduce the number of people with diabetes, and to help those who have it to control it without medication.

This is a real book.

Price: 2.95

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