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CiaoCarb ProtoPasta Tagliatelle - 100g

CiaoCarb ProtoPasta Tagliatelle - 100g

Ref: LR037

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  • Servings: 2
  • Serving Size: 50g
  • Carbs Per Serving: 7g
  • Protein Per Serving: 30g
  • Fat Per Serving: 1.5g
  • Sugar Content: Sugar Free


Ciao Carb ProtoPasta Italian Tagliatelle is high protein, high fibre and low carb. Two 50g packets/servings - total 100g.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 50g serving: 162 kCal, Fat 1.5g of which saturates 0.27g, Carbohydrate 7.1g of which sugars 0.5g, Fibre 4g, Protein 30g, Salt 0.675g.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat gluten; isolated soy protein; pea protein; whey protein; wheat flour; wheat fibre; egg white 5%; stabiliser: guar gum E412.

ALLERGENS: Contains wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg.

Add to boiling water and cook for 12 minutes or as required.

Price: 1.55

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