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Black Soy Beans - Organic - 425g

Black Soy Beans - Organic - 425g

Ref: LB010

In stock

Black Soy Beans. A versatile medium, round, deliciously sweet bean. Especially heart healthy, rich in fiber, soy protein and isoflavone nutrients. No salt added. The only low carb bean.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100g: 92 kCal, Fat 4.6g of which saturates 0.76g , Carbohydrates 6.1g of which sugars 0.76g and polyols 0g, Fibre 5.3g, Protein 8.4g, Salt 0.03g.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Black Soy Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed.


Price: 7.95

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