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Beverley Nash




2 large (but thinnish) slices lean smoked ham
3 eggs (chicken) medium or large
1/2oz - 1 oz fresh parsley, roughly hand shredded
1/2 tsp cracked/roughly ground black pepper
Small knob butter (optional)
1 small non-stick pan and wooden spoon or non-scratch whisk


Whizz, whisk or beat eggs, then add in the cracked black pepper.
Lay out the two slices of ham on a plate, hand shred the parsley and place it on one half of each of the ham slices.
Pour eggs and pepper (and butter if using) into pan and stir vigorously over a low heat until the egg is scrambled, but still very moist.
Distribute the egg equally between the two ham slices, and over the top of the parsley. Immediately fold the ham over the top of the egg and whack in the microwave for about a minute on full power to heat the ham through.



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